Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

The Ending
Plot spoiler warning: this page reveals the full ending!
The ending is so beautifully and interestingly filmed that I thought I would dedicate a page to show its nicest shots.
Amelie Amelie Amelie Amelie
The first two shots show what is going on in Amélie's head; on the top left corner of the screen unfolds her little wishful thinking; she imagines Nino stopping at her shop around the corner before coming to see her. She dreams he is pushing the pearl curtain of her kitchen and turns with sudden joy to realise that it is her cat who has just walked in. The dream disappears and we see her graspling with tears at the sudden bitter return to reality.
Amelie Amelie Amelie Amelie
She cries but then the bell rings. The sixth shot is particularly well-made as we see the faces of both actors listening expectantly on both sides of the door. Amélie is once again too scared to open the door and confront real life. She goes to the window to try and spies out in vain. She goes in her room and sees the 'glass man''s video for her, telling her to try life before it is too late. She then rushes to the door and flings it open, to fall face to face with Nino who was still there.
Amelie Amelie Amelie Amelie
Amélie starts an almost child-like sweet kissing game.
Amelie Amelie Amelie Amelie
As before with her riddle games, Nino accepts to follow in her game and kisses her likewise. Then two shots of Amélie first looking worried, maybe still scared to have thrown herself in the real life, but then looking at Nino sleeping, she smiles.
Amelie Amelie Amelie  
The director goes back to two previous secondary character, whose lives Amélie has lightened up: the 'failed writer' who sees his words and his name written on a wall and the father whom she has reunited with his daughter and grandson. Then he goes back as a finale on Nino and Amélie's newly found happiness. The tone is ultimately hopeful and though most other characters in the course of the film have revealed their past unhappy or tragic love stories, the ending insists on the joy of Amélie's and Nino's one. However and if it will end is not important and they are left to fully enjoy their present love and happiness.
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