parody of 'Midnight Express'
Just a game?
at 'Medieval Times'
The Cably Guy

Various info about the film
.  There are so many popular cultural references to television programs that it would be impossible to identify them all but here are a few: Backdraft, Star Trek, Waterworld, Midnight Express...
.  There are 26 songs featured in the film.
.  The director, Ben Stiller, is better known for his acting part in There's Something About Mary, and appears in a cameo role in The Cable Guy as the murderous twin in the trial story subplot aforementioned.
.  Matthew Broderick is best known for his part when he was a teen in Wargames (1983). A prolific theater and film actor, he has also starred in Addicted to Love and gave his voice to Simba adult in The Lion King.
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