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Review of Ben Stiller's film
   Unfairly dismissed as a commercial failure, this film is a sharp satire of the strong negative media influence over people's lives and relationships, which skillfully combines comedy, pathos and tension. Ben Stiller achieves a perfect balance between these three moods as the atmosphere constantly changes without ever comfortably settling in one tone, therefore creating uneasiness and uncertainty amongst the viewers.
   The Cable Guy also denounces the commercial exploitation of real life (by broadcasting channels which transform events into sensationalist news and fiction) through the parallel murder trial story which follows the plot and culminates into a self-derisory cameo appearance of Eric Roberts.
   Steven Kovacs has just moved in a flat and decides to have cable television installed. However, what seems to be a trivial decision soon begins to wreak havoc on his life as the peculiar "cable guy" persistantly offers him his excessive and unrequited friendship. What seems at first to be harmless craziness increasingly develops into more worrying signs of mental and emotional unstability as it becomes apparent that his new acquaintance struggles to see the line between reality and fiction and has taken control over Steven's existence.
   A modern tale about loneliness and rejection in today's technological world, The Cable Guy is also genuinely funny, blending cultural parody, dark irony, ackward situations, visual gags and hilarious dialogues. Jim Carrey's performance is exceptional as he creates a complex character who is both sinister and touching, machiavelic and innocent, vulnerable and menacing. Although Matthew Broderick plays his usual part of the ideal boyfriend/son, he saves his character from plainness by giving him a selfish and slightly hypocritical edge.
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