Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

Quotes from the film
.  "Can Chihiro get her name back and return to the human world alive?" (tagline)
.  "On the other side of the tunnel... there was a mysterious town... there was a place that couldn't exist... where things happened that couldn't happen." (trailer)
.  "Let's go home... People in the shop will be angry with us!" (Chihiro)
.  "You cannot come here. You must go back! It will be dark soon. You must get back before it turns dark. If not, it will be over. You must go back! I must borrow some time to let you leave. Hurry up! Don't look back!" (Haku)
.  "It can't be! It must be a dream... it must be a dream... has to be a dream... has to be! Get away... get away!" (Chihiro)
.  "How do you know my name?" (Chihiro)
"I have known you since you were little... My name is Haku." (Haku)
.  "In this place... those who do not work will be turned into animals by Yuyuba." (Haku)
.  "Yubaba steals people's names in order to control them. If you had lost your name, then you wouldn't know how to return home. No matter how I try, I can't remember what my real name was. It's so strange. I have always remembered the name 'Chihiro' though." (Haku)
.  "This is not a place for humans. This is respite for the gods of Yaoragi; a place to rest their tired bodies. And your parents! What a disgrace... eating all the guests' food like pigs. What happened to them was fitting... You won't be able to go back to your world, either. From now on, your name is Sen..." (Yubaba)
.  "What is a human being? Are you here to give me a virus?" (Bou)
.  "Although Haku is kind, he's very stupid. He has always wanted to learn magic, so he has become my sister's disciple. He will do anything for her. Little girl, I think you should give up. After all, it is pointless to try and save him. I've already put a curse on my seal. Whoever stole it will die." (Zenniba)
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