Kane as a child
The investigation
Kane on top of the stairs
Kane in his mansion
Citizen Kane

Various info about the film
.  The Simpsons have adapted their own version of this film in one of their episode, in which Kane is Mr Byrnes, desperately looking for his lost teddy bear.
.  The influence of this groundbreaking film was and still is so huge worldwide that it is absolutely unmeasurable.
.  Film Noir is a cinematographic movement that developed in the States during and after World War II and which betrays the deep trauma left by the horrors of the war on some people. Film noirs are usually infused with a profound cynism, a disgust of humanity and its corruption. Visually, they often use unusual techniques, dark images, tight framing etc. to create strong effects of fear, suffocation and despair.
.  You must see this film at least twice to appreciate all its intricate details and visual effects. The final scenes in the mansion are amazing. Welles filmed them in a way that emphasises Kane's loneliness by contrasting the hugeness of his aberrently luxurious empty mansion, "the costliest monument a man has ever built to oneself", to his small figure.
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