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Review of Orson Welles's film
   The legendary Citizen Kane has just died. A journalist is sent to investigate in order to discover the meaning of his last word "Rosebud". Through the diverse people he speaks to, the viewer discovers little by little the tragic story of his life. Taken from his parents by a wealthy businessman when still a child, Kane rebels against his step-father's money-motivated ways and becomes an idealist young man. Intent of bringing justice, truth and an end to the oppression of the poor, he nevertheless gradually become corrupted himself by the world he was trying to change.
   Political ambition, corruption and power are the central themes of this story, which analyses the subtle social structures which change and influence people through the course of their life. The film also operates on a psychological level as it is a reflection on love (or more exactly the unability of some people to love), isolation, pride, loneliness and hateful cynism. The tone is extremely dark and of the unremitting gloom typical of film noirs. Alcoholism, loneliness and alienation drive all characters to ultimate despair. This is a depressing tale of the loss of idealism and innocence, which asserts that all is corrupt and that there is no hope for love or salvation from the mediocrity of our contemporary self-centered culture.
   Orson Welles seems to have filmed each image with a fresh original approach and expert technic. Unusual camera angles, innovative framing, exhaustive use of depth, non-fixed viewpoints and various editing effects contribute to make of this film a still unmatched visual gem. The narrative technique is similarly intricate as events are recounted in a non-linear order and reinterpreted from the various viewpoints of the different characters. The acting is impeccable.
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