Dark City

Quotes from the film
.  "What kind of a killer do you think stops to save a dying fish?" (Inspector Frank)
.  "The only thing that should be committed is Walenski. (picks up a mouse trap in Walenski's office) Nothing like a little healthy paranoia." (Frank)
.  "There's just one thing that puzzles me, I have met a few murderers in the course of my work. Murdoch doesn't strike me as one." (Frank)
"Perhaps, you are not accustomed to digging deep enough." (Dr Sreber)
"Well, I do know when someone is lying to me, Doctor." (Frank)
"Inspector, judging personalities happens to be my business." (Frank)
"Then maybe you can give me a few pointers." (Frank)
"Certainly. Let's take you for instance. You are a fastidious man, driven, consumed by details. I would say your life is... rather lonely. Good evening, Inspector." (Dr Shreber)
.  "It was a gift from my mother. She died recently. I keep it with me to remind me of her." (Frank)
"I'm sorry." (Emma)
"It's a funny thing though, I can't remember when she gave it to me. How do you think I could forget a thing like that?" (Frank)
"It happens inspector." (Emma)
"I'm not sure I know anymore." (Frank)
.  "What about her? Rings any bells?" (Frank throws a photo at him)
"She was alive when I left her!" (John)
"What about this? It must mean something all these pictures!" (Frank shows children paintings in a book which John said was blank the night before)
"What pictures? I don't know what that is." (John)
"Stop playing games on me Murdoch! Stop telling me lies!" (Frank)
"I am not telling you lies!!" (John)
"Help me out here! Make me understand. I've got this jigsaw puzzle in front of my face and every time I try to rearrange the pieces it still doesn't make any sense!" (Frank)
"What? D'you think it makes any sense to me? I'm as much in the dark here as you are! You'll let me ask you a question. You've heard of a place called Shell Beach?" (John)
"Sure." (Frank)
"You know how to get there?" (John)
"Yeah." (Frank)
"Tell me." (John)
"Right, you take the er, you go to the..." (Frank)
"Where, where'd you go?" (John)
"Just give me a second will you?" (Frank)
"You can't remember, can you? Don't you think it's kind of odd? Wait, I've got a better one for you. When's the last time you remember doing something during the day?" (John)
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