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Quotes from the film

This page contains many major plot spoilers so if you have not watched the film, you may want to stop reading now!
.  "Frank! They're right on us, there's no way out! Can't you see?"
.  "You're scaring your wife to death." (Frank)
"She's not my wife! I don't know who she is. I don't know who any of us are." (Walenski)
"What makes you say that?" (Frank)
"Do you think about the past much Frank?" (Walenski)
"As much as the next guy." (Frank)
"See, I can, Frank, remember things, clearly remember things from my past. But the more I try to think back, the more it all starts to unravel. None of it seems real. It's like I've just been dreaming this life but when I'll finally wake up, I'll be somebody else. Somebody totally different." (Walenski)
.  "There's no way out you know. You can't get out of the city, believe me I tried! You're Murdoch aren't you? The one they've been looking for. You're not a killer. They set you up with a fake identity. Like everyone else in this place. I used to be a cop. At least, in this life I was. They steal people's memories you know then they swap them around between us. I've seen them do it, back and forth, back and forth. So no one knows who they are anymore."
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