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.  Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors, for whom I have the greatest admiration and respect because of the quality, beauty and originality of his early films. These are Batman returns, Beetlejuice, Pee-Wee's big adventure, The nightmare before Christmas and Ed Wood, which are all gothic and poetic in essence, both innocent and tortured. But after these great achievements, the spirit of his latest work has radically changed, for the unhappiness of those fans who enjoyed the wonderful mood he infused in each of his films and have little taste for the cruel humour and gratuitous violence which appear in his latest movies: Mars Attacks (a horror comedy), Sleepy Hollow (a gory tale), Planet of the apes (adaptation of the original film). Personally, they are just not my kind of humour. I did not watch the last two (so cannot comment on them) because I was so disappointed with Mars Attacks, which in my humble opinion was very well-made but overly cold, violent and a bit sick. Sleepy Hollow looked great but is known for being quite gory and the humour as twisted as in his previous film, while Planet of the Apes seemed quite awful (and has been widely reported to be so, though the original film is excellent). If you have a strong stomach and are not oversensitive though, you should watch Mars Attacks and Sleepy Hollow at least as they are said to be really good films.
.  Johnny Depp (Edward) starred in two other Burton's films. He gives a brilliant performance in the excellent Ed Wood as the "worst" director of all time and is also the main character in Sleepy Hollow.
.  The brilliant author of the music, Danny Elfman, was first hired as a film soundtrack composer by Tim Burton for his film Pee Wee's big adventure and has ever since created music for his films. His original strange but poetic style has conquered many: his works include the Simpsons's famous credits music.
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