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Aki and the spirit
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Various info about the film
.  The end of Squarefilms: this film was such a commercial failure that Square has publicly announced that they were definitely retiring from the movies industry... a huge disappointment for the fans (sobs).
.  "Sid" is a recurring name in the Final Fantasy series. It is the name of Lindblum's King in FF9, the director of the Balamb Garden in FF8, a plane pilot in FF7, a scientist in FF6 and a doctor in the film.
.  There is no use of magic or summons in the film and it is also set on Earth, which breaks away from the games tradition. It could be part of their wish for realism in the film, or maybe they simply did not have the time to create a whole new world as they usually do (and that would be understandable: is it even possible to conceive how long it took them to make a full-length 3D feature of this amazing quality?). Or maybe it was an attempt to attract a wider public as many people have no interest either in animation nor in fantasy.
.  Quotes from the team about the film:
"I wanted to tell a story about life and death and spirit." (Hironobu Sakaguchi, director)
"It's about your spiritual life and how you're connected with every other spiritual life forms." (Ming Na, "Dr Aki Ross")
"It's about purity, it's about passion." (Donald Sutherland, "Dr Sid")
"It's about science and some sort of spiritual understanding, at what point do they meet and at what point do they separate." (James Woods, "General Hein")
"Its certainly an action film, but the characters have an intelligence to them." (Alec Baldwin, "Gray")
.  On the postcard of General Hein's wife and daughter it is written "Lost without you". That could only be seen on the big screen, the writing is too small to be readable on a tv.
.  There is an ad for Pepsi at the beginning of the film when Aki fires in the sky in NY, the camera follows the rocket, which illuminates a big Pepsi sign!! (greetings go to my brother for spotting that one!). I also noticed two ads for Seiko whilst capturing images: one sign in NY and another on Aki's bracelet!
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