The dream
the dream
Cid sees Gaia
The plant spirit
The plant spirit
Dead city
the soldiers
Aki and her sweetheart
Aki's ship
Final Fantasy
The Spirits Within

Quotes from the film
.  "Every night, the same dream, the same strange planet. But why? What are they trying to tell me? It's been 34 years since they arrived on this planet. And not a day passes that the survivors, forced to live in barrier cities, do not live in fear. I have vowed to end that fear. I believe my dreams hold the key. [...] I'm convinced that these dreams are some form of communication. The message still eludes me, but they're coming faster now, and that can only mean one thing: the Phantoms inside me are beginning to win." (Aki)
.  " 'All life is born of Gaia and each life has a spirit. Each new spirit is housed in a physical body.' Doctor?" (Aki, reading)
   "Go on." (Sid)
   "Through their experiences on earth, each spirit matures and grows. When the physical body dies, the mature spirit, enriched by its life on Earth, returns to Gaia, bringing with it the experiences enabling Gaia to live and grow." (Aki, reading)
   "It's my old diary. Remember what happened to Galileo? They threw him in jail because he said the Earth was not the center of the universe. [Sid burns his book] That could happen to us. Our ideas are unpopular Aki. If you have any notes or records that could be used against you... destroy them!" (Sid)
.  "There is a war going on. Nobody's young anymore." (Aki)
.  "There is a very good chance the beam from the Zeus canon will burn the Phantoms in the meteor. However, it also means that the beam energy may be too strong injuring the Earth." (Sid)
   "Injure the Earth? You mean the Gaia? You mean the spirit of the Earth?" (Council woman)
   "Yes... the spirit of the Earth." (Sid)
   "Did he say what I think he said?" (Council man) [whispers]
   "This is ridiculous! Doctor, with all due respect, did you come here just to talk about some Gaia theory? To tell us that the planet is [giggles] alive? That is has a spirit? That's a fairy tale! And I'm sorry, but we don't have time for that." (Hein)
   "It is not a fairy tale. It is true." (Sid)
   "Ah! Oh, so... if I point a gun at the Earth and fire, I'm not just making a hole on the ground, I'm killing the planet!" (Hein)
   "Doctor Sid, the Gaia theory has not been proven." (Council man)
.  "Members of the Council! Gathering plants and animals to fight the Phantoms is utter nonsense. The Zeus canon is a proven effective weapon! It will kill phantoms!" (General Hein)
.  "She... told me that, that she was ready to die. She said... I did not have to make up stories for her not to be sad. Seven year old... and ready to die!" (Aki)
.  "Report any aberrant behaviour in Doctor Ross to the Major immediately." (General Hein)
   "Aberrant behaviour, sir?" (Gray)
   "The woman carries an alien infestation, captain. We don't know what it may be doing to her. The alien presence could be affecting her judgment. It may be manipulating the doctor for their very own purposes." (Hein)
   "Is the General suggesting that Dr Ross is a spy?" (Gray)
   "The General is wondering why he's explaining himself to a captain!" (Hein)
   "She's had prolonged exposure to Phantom tissue. If this begins to manifest itself in any way, Dr Ross is to be placed under arrest and transported here for observation."(Hein's assistant)
   "It is in fact, for her own good, captain." [Gray leaves]
   "Major, send some of our men to keep an eye on the good captain." (Hein)
.  "My wife and daughter... were killed by Phantoms when the San Francisco Barrier City was attacked. Did I ever tell you that? I try to imagine what that must have been like seeing everyone around you fall over dead for no apparent reason. And then, at the end, feeling something next to you... invisible... touching you... reaching inside your body and... You've lost family, haven't you?" (General Hein)
.  "Think of the dream, Gray. How they died. Since then, all they've known is suffering." (Aki)
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