A trace of 'Invalid' DNA
Not asleep
Cold water
It is possible
the wind caught it

Quotes from the film
.  "Jerome, I had you sequenced. I read your profile. I'm sorry. It seems you're everything they say you are and more." (Irene)
"What about you Irene? You're engineered just like the rest of us." (Vincent)
"Not quite like the rest of you. 'Unacceptable likelihood of heart failure.' I think that's what the manual says. The only trip I'll take in space is around the sun on this satellite right here." (Irene)
"If there's anything wrong with you, I can't see it from where I'm standing." (Vincent)
"If you don't believe me, here take it! If you're still interested let me know" (Irene gives him a strand of her hair)
"I'm sorry, the wind caught it." (Vincent lets it go)
.  "It's funny. You work so hard. You do everything you can, to get away from a place and when you finally get your chance to leave, you find a reason to stay. A year is a long time." (Vincent)
"Not so long, just once around the sun." (Irene)
.  "Don't you understand I can't do that?" (Irene about running)
"You just did." (Vincent)
.  "You don't look well Jerome, why don't you go home?" (Irene to Vincent)
"Can I help you?" (Irene to the inspector)
"I'm looking for Jerome Morrow." (inspector)
"I'm sorry, he's ill, a little nausea. It's quite common before a mission." (Irene)
"Really? I ought to pay him a visit. I understand you can show me the way. (he produces Irene's medecine box she dropped at the restaurant, thus showing he knows she was there with the suspect) You don't know who he is do you Irene?" (inspector)
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