Dreaming of space
Cleaning windows
A decision
Vincent and the unknown man
The detective

Quotes from the film
.  "There is no gene for the human spirit." (film tagline)
.  "I not only think we will tamper with Mother Nature. I think Mother wants us to." (Willard Gaylin)
.  "You want to give your child the best possible start. Believe me, we have enough imperfections built in already. The child doesn't need any additional burdens. Keep in mind this child is still you, simply the best of you. You could conceive naturally a thousand times and never get such a result." (Geneticist)
.  "By the way, have I ever told you about my son? ... Remind me to sometime." (doctor)
.  "What about you, your majesty? You're dreaming of space? Come here. You have to start by cleaning this space right here!" (head cleaner)
.  "When you clean the glass Vincent, don't clean it too well." (head cleaner)
"What do you mean?" (Vincent)
"You might get ideas." (head cleaner)
"Yeah, but if the glass is clean, it'll be easier for you to see me when I'm on the other side of it!" (Vincent)
.  "There's no record he ever broke his back. As far as anyone's concerned, he's still a walking talking fully productive member of society. (...) They don't care where you were born, just how! Blood has no nationality. So long as it's got what they're looking for, that's the only passport you need." (unknown man)
.  "Hello everyone, nice to see you, I am your detective for the evening. Please don't leave the premises. I said please don't leave the premises. Am I speaking in some kind of strange foreign language?" (detective)
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