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Diving in the sea
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The party
The sea
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The sea
Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue)

Quotes from the film
.  "Well, if it isn't the little French man. How is the little French man?" (Enzo)
"Fine" (Jacques)
"You don't mind if I go instead, do you?" (Enzo)
"No." (Jacques)
"If you did mind, you'd tell me, no?" (Enzo)
"Yes." (Jacques)
"Good. Roberto! Mio Palmo. Count! (dives and picks up the coin) Whose is it now? You saw it but I dove for it. Roberto, how long?" (Enzo)
"Six." (Roberto)
"I throw it back in the water. You dive and if you do less than six, it's yours. (Jacques nods negatively) Right." (Enzo walks away with his group)
"Jacques? Is it a coin shining there?" (priest)
"It is a coin. I'll get it for you, Father." (Jacques)
"It will be for the poor." (priest) (Jacques dives, the priest smiles and walks away)
"Father? Father? Father?" (Jacques in the water, holding the coin)
.  "He's not breathing properly. You've got to get him out of there fast!" (American man)
"10 000." (Roberto)
"Lire?" (man)
"Dollars." (Roberto)
"Hey! Wait a minute! You guys aren't gonna try to hold me up in a time like this?" (man)
"OK. You tell me. How much would you say a man's life is worth? In my village we have a saying. How does it go again?" (Enzo)
"I don't remember." (Roberto)
"Well what's that supposed to mean?" (man)
"Forget it." (Enzo free dives to save the other man stuck in the ship)
"Since we have a little time, you write that cheque?" (Roberto)
"How much longer can he do that?" (Enzo)
"My brother is the world champion. Sign." (Roberto)
.  "Enzo, what you're gonna do with the money?" (Roberto)
"Have the car painted." (Enzo)
"But Giuseppe will do that for 25$." (Roberto)
"Then tell him to wax it too." (Enzo)
"Enzo, really, what you're gonna get?" (Roberto)
"A rosemary for mama. A dress for Angelina. Get yourself a suit that fits. But most important. Find me the French man. Find me Jacques." (Enzo)
.  "He looks strange doesn't he? Like a baby who's just learned to walk. (...) What is it Johanne? You're so crazy about him you don't see the truth. Don't think of Jacques as a human being. He's from another world." (Enzo)
.  "I leave you swimming and twenty years later you're still in the water. What the hell are you doing? Training?" (Enzo)
"Yeah." (Jacques)
"Good. Check out the suit. Pretty good, no? You know I'm the world champion?" (Enzo)
"Yeah I know." (Jacques)
"The world championship starts in ten days. Be my guest. Your ticket." (Enzo)
"Why?" (Jacques)
"Because I'm sure you're dying to beat me." (Enzo)
"You're the best Enzo." (Jacques)
"See you there." (Enzo)
.  "As I was telling you earlier, I'm the world champion free-diver. Some people say, the most virile sport in the world. I have to admit that when you see those men diving head first in that deep blue sea, all muscles contracted in one superhuman effort." (Enzo)
"Enzo?" (Jacques)
"What?" (Enzo)
"Mama?" (Jacques)
"Dove? Oh, she'll kill me if she catches me eating pasta in a restaurant!" (Enzo)
.  "Today, at lunch, you asked me if I had any questions." (Jacques)
"Ah! You finally want to know about women." (Enzo)
"Are they what's most important?" (Jacques)
"No. It depends. Sometime they are. What exactly do you want to know?" (Enzo)
"Everything." (Jacques)
"Everything about what?" (Enzo)
"About everything." (Jacques)
"Mama mia! (...) That's what love is all about. It's a pain in the ass, but it keeps us together. Beautiful." (Enzo)
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