The sea
Jacques and the sea
Jacques stops a fight
Jacques and his father
Jacques and the dolphin
Jacques training
Jacques and Johanna
Jacques and Johanna
Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue)

Quotes from the film
.  "You shouldn't be diving every day, dad." (Jacques)
"Then you shouldn't eat every day, child!" (uncle)
"Don't worry. When I'm tired, the mermaids help me out." (father)
.  "Hey, have you ever seen a mermaid?" (uncle)
"No." (Jacques)
"I have, you know. Don't you want to know where? Why don't you ask me?" (uncle)
"What?" (Jacques)
"Where I saw mermaids. Why don't you ever ask any questions? I'm always the one asking the questions. I'm now aware I ask the questions so now I'm talking to myself! Ask me something goddammit!" (uncle)
"Why did my mother leave?" (Jacques)
"Row. (silence) Your mother didn't leave. She went back to America. That's all. It is her home. Women are like that. Unpredictable. Like the sea." (uncle)
.  "D'you know what you're supposed to do to meet a mermaid? You go down to the bottom of the sea where the water's not even blue anymore and the sky's only a memory, a thought in the silence. And you stay there. Then you decide that you'll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come and they greet you and they judge the love that you have for them, if it's sincere, if it's pure, they'll be with you, take you away forever." (Jacques)
.  "Can I come in?" (Jacques)
"Yeah sure, as long as I can go back to sleep. Wake me up in an hour."
(Enzo, falls back to sleep but Jacques wakes him up straight away)

Why you're always talking? You know, you think people are interested in what you're talking about? I'm not interested and other people aren't either. So just stop talking because other people have things to say you know!! Stop talking, it's b***!" (Jacques)
"She's gone?" (Enzo)
"Yes!!! She's gone!" (Jacques)
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