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Quotes from the film
.  "You're really sending him under the ice! He isn't a slave or a convict, is he?" (Johanne)
"Science is cruel mistress." (scientist)
"How is he gonna breathe?" (Johanne)
"He isn't. Listen. This is the sound of his heart. Can you hear the speed at which it's slowing down? It's incredible. Listen to his heart beat. I can't believe that. All the blood is concentrated in his brain! It doesn't even feed his lungs anymore! It's a phenomenon that's only been observed on whales and dolphins... until now!" (scientist)
"Why is he doing this?" (Johanne)
"I don't know." (scientist)
.  "Who are you?" (Jacques)
"We've just met, a few minutes ago." (Johanne)
"In the lake?" (Jacques)
"No, the hut." (Johanne)
"Then, it must've been someone who looked a lot like you." (Jacques)
.  "I can't have a baby by myself." (Johanne)
"Why not? I have a baby. I love his father. We're not together anymore but I have his baby. In the end, you do it alone anyway. " (Enzo's girlfriend)
.  "What does it feel like when you dive?" (Johanne)
"It feels like slipping without falling. The hardest thing's when you're at the bottom. " (Jacques)
"Why? " (Johanne)
"Because you have to find a good reason to come back up. And I'm having a hard time finding one." (Jacques)
"Well we are having the same problem." (Johanne)
"Why?" (Jacques)
"Because I have a hard time finding a good reason to stay." (Johanne)
.  "It scares me when you look at the sea like that. (...) Let's talk about my world and my world is you. [he swims around her, in and out of the water, not listening] I love you. I want to live with you. I wanna have a baby with you. I wanna have a house with you, a car, talk with you. Jacques? [he dives] I think I might be pregnant. Do you hear me? Jacques? Jacques!!!! [still underwater, not answering] I'm tired." (Johanne)
.  "I've got to go and see." (Jacques)
"See what? There's nothing to see Jacques. It's dark down there. It's cold! You'll be alone. And I'm here!! I'm real!!! I exist!!! [she breaks in tears] Jacques... I love you. Jacques... I'm pregnant. Did you hear me?" (Johanne)
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