Jacques as a child
Jacques and Enzo as children
Jacques and the priest
Enzo and Roberto
Jacques and a dolphin
Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue)

Review of Luc Besson's film
   Magic and mystery infuse the narrative of this wonderful yet tragic tale of love and friendship, of hope and despair, of life and death. It is an unforgettable journey in the estranged mind of an unusual human being, Jacques, whose obsessive fascination with the sea and strong connection with dolphins prevent him from leading a 'normal' life on earth. The irruption in his secluded aquatic life of an old childhood nemesis and of a passionate woman subjects him to strong emotional conflicts as he feels unable to belong in the human world.
   The story investigates the self-sacrificial nature of genuine love and the destructive potential of men's rivalry. Other themes explored in the film are the relationship between humans and nature, the feelings of frustration and alienation experienced by certain people who feel unable to fit in society, the misunderstandings as well as the conflictual needs and expectations of lovers.
   The haunting images of the majestic deep blue sea and the wonderful music are close to aesthetic perfection. The viewer is allowed to sink both in the ocean and in the minds of the three main characters, thus sharing all their thoughts and emotions.
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