Damiel and Marion
Der Himmel uber Berlin

Review of Wim Wender's film
   Angels walk the earth, listening to the thoughts of humans, though invisible to them. They share their joys and sorrow and try to soothe their pain. This film follows two such angels, Damiel and Cassiel, as they roam the streets of Berlin, attempting to bring comfort, spiritual guidance and peace to its people. One of them falls in love with a circus trapezist and follows her, attempting to ease her loneliness. My favourite moment is when an angel is on the train, listening to people's thoughts, trying to find out who needs comfort. Then he finds a desperate man, sits by his side, his hand on the man's shoulder, and his invisible spiritual presence brings him hope, changing the sadness of his thoughts in optimism.
   This is a serene, peaceful, wonderful tale of love and hope, which questions the essence of humanity, loneliness and eternity, while showing the beauty in the simple moments of life. Through the angels, the viewer is able to hear the constant strain of thoughts of hundreds of people, which is strange and a little unsettling but above all fascinating.
   The pace is slow and induces a state of calm and quietness, which allows the viewers to fly away from their stressful world for a few hours and contemplate life through angels' eyes. The acting is irreproachable. As to the music, it is deeply moving, alternating between hope and despair, sweetness and harshness. As yet, this is an unmatched work of purity and compassion which speaks to the soul.
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