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Scrat and his nut
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Ice Age

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.  There is a Warner Brothers cartoon intitled Much Ado about Nutting, which probably served as an inspiration to the great character Scrat and his everlasting trouble with his nut. Directed by Chuck Jones in May 1953, this cartoon features the numerous fruitless attempts of a squirrel to crack open a coconut and their painful or disastrous consequences. Similarly, there are also WB cartoons featuring dodos: Dough for the Do-do (1948) and the original version Porky in Wackyland (1938).
.  Also, there may be a little allusion to Shrek in the sequence in which Sid asks Manfred permission to stay with him and the latter replies just like Shrek does to the donkey. Both films have a similar atmosphere, fun, crazy-paced, slightly irreverent and wacky, reminiscent of Warner Bros and Tex Avery cartoons. So if you liked one, you should most probably enjoy the other too.
.  Director Chris Wedge won an oscar for his animated short film Bunny.
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