Diego and Manfred
Diego and Sid
Ice Age

Quotes from the film
.  "Yiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!" (Scrat)
.  "They came, they thawed, they conquered!" (tagline)
.  "You're an embarrassment to nature, do you know that?" (Manfred)
.  "Um, that pink thing is mine." (Diego)
"Well no, actually that pink thing belongs to us!" (Sid)
"Us? You two are a bit of an odd couple!" (Diego)
"There is no 'us'!" (Manfred)
"I see. Can't have one of your own so you want to adopt one." (Diego)
.  "You're calling me a liar?" (Diego)
"I didn't say that!" (Sid)
"You were thinking it!" (Diego)
"I don't like this guy. He reads mind!" (Sid)
.  "I actually thought you were gonna eat me!" (Sid)
"I don't eat junk food." (Diego)
.  "From now on, refer to me as 'Lord of the Flame'!" (Sid)
"Hey, Lord of the Flame, your tail's on fire!" (Manfred)
.  "I'm fine! I'm fine [aloud] I'm gonna die! [whisper]" (Sid)
.  "If you find a mate in life, you should be loyal, in your case grateful." (Manfred)
.  "You're a little low on the food chain to be mouthing off!" (Diego)
.  "Subzero temperatures will force us underground for a million billion years!" (Do-do)
"So you got three melons?" (Manfred)
.  "Here goes our last female.!" (Do-do)
.  "Come on, keep up with me!" (Diego sliding on the spot)
"I would if you were moving!" (Manfred)
.  "Move sloth!" (Diego, loudly)
[his voice provokes an avalanche]
"Way to go Tiger!" (Sid)
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