Diego, Sid and Manfred
Diego, Sid and Manfred
The last dandelion
Sid in trouble
Ice Age

Review of Chris Wedge's film
   Three animals who have nothing in common must team up to bring a lost baby back to his father: Sid, a lazy sloth, Manfred a lone mammoth and Diego, a tiger. As crazy dangerous and hilarious adventures follow one from the other, ties begin to form between them and they become the strangest pack that ever walked the ice age. Occasionally, their path crosses the one of Scrat, an overstressed squirrel whose only treasure is an unbreakable nut, which he holds dearer than his own (frequently threatened) life. However, Diego was originally sent to capture the child and bring it to his chief willing to kill it for vengeance against men. So will this new friendship conquer his old killing instincts or will he betray his companions and send them to the deadly trap set by his tribe? And more important, will Scrat finally manage to eat his nut?
   Technically as impressive as the other excellent animated films which came out this year, Ice Age features greatly convincing characters, brought to life through the great realism of their facial and bodily expressions, as well as an effective use of framing giving the illusion of camera moves. The interest of the film lies definitely not in the story, but in humour, great timing, dialogues, hilarious characters and comic situations. Not to be missed, 80 minutes of absolute high-quality animated fun to unwind, a necessary intake of laugh that should be prescribed by doctors, so people never become as stressed out as poor old Scrat!
   Highly agitated nervous squirrel Scrat is probably one of the best animated character ever created, pulling the most hilarious faces ever seen, alternating between the paroxysm of joy and the deepest despair, mostly characterised by his recurring eye twitching triggered by stress. People can only sympathise with him, at his tragic doomed quest for nurishment, at the constant painful catastrophic failures of his clumsy attempts and at his refusal to give up. Thus he bears an intrinsic similarity with great classic Warner Bros cartoon character Wile E. Coyote.
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