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La Vita è Bella

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.  Though figures differ from one source to the next, it is agreed that millions of people were massacred during the Holocaust. A minority of people though, despite all the crushing evidence, still refuse to believe camps existed. It is possible to see the remains of camps. There is no words to describe how depressing it is. It changes the way you perceive war and human life forever, yet only by knowing and passing on this part of history as a heritage that way, can such atrocity be avoided in the future.
.  Following director's quotations and facts were gathered from the dvd's booklet:
  Actress Nicoletta Braschi who plays Benigni's wife onscreen in this film (Dora) is also his wife in real life.
  The title is a reference to a phrase written by Trotsky. As he was expected to be killed by Staline's men, he looked at his wife in the garden and wrote that life is beautiful and worth living anyway.
  The director explains that many think Auschwitz should be left to a mournful silence and that Adorno even said poetry could no longer be written. However, Benigni believes that poetry is necessary to life, and that is why he felt he had to make this film.
.  The number Benigni wears on his school clothes is the same as Chaplin's in The dictator.
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