Guido and his uncle
Guido and his uncle
Guido and the doctor
Guido in camp and the doctor
Guido and the doctor
Guido and his son
Guido and his son
La Vita è Bella

Quotes from the film (English subtitles)
.  "This is a simple story, but not an easy one to tell. Like a fable, there is sorrow... and like a fable, it is full of wonder and happiness." (narrator)
.  "What a place here! It's beautiful! Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky. I'm moving here!" (Guido)
.  "Good morning, princess!" (Guido)
.  "Why, what are your political views?" (Guido)
"Benito! Adolph! Be good!" (man to his children)
"What did you say?" (man to Guido)
"I said... how are things going?" (Guido)
.  "You're serving, you're not a servant! Serving is a supreme art." (Eliseo)
.  "The bigger it is, the less you see it. Solution: obscurity." (Guido)
.  "If you say my name, I am not there anymore. Who am I?" (doctor)
"Silence." (Guido)
.  "Chosen, I was, by racist Italian scientists in order to demonstrate how superior our race is. Why did they pick me, children? Must I tell you? Where can you find someone more handsome than me?" (Guido)
.  "Third grade. Listen to this problem. I remember it because it shocked me. A lunatic costs the state four marks a day. A cripple, four and a half marks. An epileptic, three marks and a half. Considering that the average is four marks a day and there are 300 000 patients, how much would the state save if these individuals were eliminated?" (teacher)
"I can't believe this." (Dora, disgusted)
"That was my exact reaction. I can't believe a seven-year-old child has to solve this kind of equation. It's a difficult calculation. Proportions, percentages. They need at least some algebra to do those equations. That's high school material for us... it's truly another race." (teacher)
.  "There's been a mistake... My husband and son are on that train." (Dora)
"What's your husband name?" (officer)
"Guido Orefice." (Dora)
"Joshua orefice and Eliseo Orefice are on that train too. There's no mistake." (Nazi officer)
"I want to get on that train too." (Dora)
"Go back home, ma'am." (officer)
"I want to get on that train. Let me get on that train!" (Dora)
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