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Review of Roberto Benigni's film
   The story is set in Italy, during the second world war. Guido, a Jewish waiter, attempts to win the heart of the woman he loves despite her being promised to another, an influential and wealthy man. His kindness, ingenuity and humour convince her to leave her rich family and marry him instead. However, their greatest challenge is yet to come a few years later, when Guido and his family begin to suffer from anti-semitism. Guido is determined to save his child's innocence from the atrocities of the war at any cost and uses his imaginative talents to protect his son from the horrors unraveling all around them.
   This is a bittersweet story of love, courage and dignity in the midst of the insane chaos and hatred which is war. Innocent, true and honest, this film does not sink into melodramatic sensationalism. Though explicit violence is kept to a strict minimum, this new approach which opposes sweetness to utmost cruelty gives an even more poignant and painful rendering of life in the nazi concentration camps.
   This film reveals the utter stupidity and injustice of war. Wars, as the playwright Giraudoux rightly explained, are caused by people who do not fight them and will only gain from them.
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