Gump and Oona
Oona's secret
evil tree
Crossing the marshes

Various Information about the film
.  The first draft of the script was a violent and disturbing horror story. The writer was asked to rewrite it for a younger audience, hence the dark and mature aspects of certain moments in the film. Consequently, this film was often said to be too dark for children (then) but too fairy-tale like for adults.
.  The wonderful forest is completely artificial and was built on the set. Illustrator Alan Lee, most famous for his recent extensive contribution to Peter Jackson's adaptation of Lord of the Rings, had started his cinematic career on Legend. He had also produced 50 wonderful watercolour paintings for the 1991 illustrated version of Tolkien's much-loved trilogy, which until the film had been the best known representations of the Middle-Earth.
.  There is a cut scene after Jack admits his guilt. In the missing scene, the elves cast a spell onto him, forcing him to dance until he dies of exaustion as punishment for his crime. However, when he claims love as the reason for his action, Gump breaks the spell and asks his riddle. This explains why the character is suddenly unexplainably out of breath, terrified and covered in sweat in the final version and why Gump calls him a "dancing fool".
.  In Blade Runner, also by the same director, the main character dreams of a unicorn. This apparently out-of-the-blue dream is a clue of primary importance to understand something about him which will only be grasped by the attentive viewer.
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