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Review of Ridley Scott's film
   Jack, child of the forest, is in love with princess Lili. One day, in order to share with her a magical moment, he takes her to a secret place where the two last unicorns wander. However, Lili violates the code of the forest and touches one of the sacred animals, thus indirectly and unvoluntarily causing his death. As a result, the world is taken over by the season of death. If the last unicorn perishes, the sun will never rise again and the world will be plunged into an endless night, causing ancient demons to rise again. Darkness kidnaps the last unicorn to offer her in sacrifice and thus resurrect all his monstruous siblings who died when the sun appeared. Lili is also taken prisoner while trying to defend the magical creature. Her innocence fascinates Darkness who decides to attempt to seduce and corrupt her.
   Visually the most beautiful film ever created. The photography, the lighting, the sets and the costumes are so enchanting that it brings the imaginary world of fantasy to life with great realism, while still remaining otherworldly. The forest is wonderful and magical. The music is eerie and unsettling, even weird, which adds to the dark undertones of the film. The actors are excellent and manage to make all these unearthly beings seem real. Mia Sara (Lili) is especially brilliant in her part of the young princess grappling with her mixed feelings, with maturity and temptation and desperately trying to cling on to her childhood dreams, ideals and innocence.
   This is a great fantasy tale, enchanting and magical. Though primarily aimed at children, the film also addresses more mature themes such as the interplay between evil, hate, corruption, greed, seduction, lust against good, love, sincerity and innocence, between adulthood and childhood, between the bestial and human instincts in all people. So the repulsion Lili feels for Darkness also applies to a part of herself which she refuses to acknowledge: "you lie" she says, " you're nothing but an animal!" To which Darkness aptly laughs and replies that, "we are all animals". But we are also spiritual beings and the clash of these two natures is (in my humble opinion) the cause of most of humanity's dilemnas and suffering, for what is acceptable for one is often not for the other, for the soul yearns for more than what the body desires, but these desires are real and cannot be easily ignored either.

   This basic duality in all things is symbolised in Lili's ring, of which the design, half-black and half-white, is reminiscent of the ying and yang concept. The symbolic is classical. For instance, innocent Lili's bridal dress to her love (Jack) is white, long, 'cute', and her very name, Lili, is reminiscent of the flower lily. White lilies symbolise purity and virtue. Now, corrupted Lili's bridal dress to lust (Darkness) is black, cut in a very revealing and sexually suggestive way, and she also loses her name of 'Lili' when she becomes Darkness's bride.
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