Covnet manager and Gonzo
Kermit and Gonzo
Gonzo and Piggy on TV
Muppets from Space

Quotes from the film
.  "We are cosmic fishes. We are highly evolved beings. Er, what was I saying?" (Cosmic fish)
.  "Do you have any idea what if feels like to be called wacko?" (Covnet manager)
"Oh, yeah!" (Gonzo)
"Weirdo?" (Covnet manager)
"Yeah, sure!" (Gonzo)
(. . . )
"Paranoid delusional psychopath?" (Covnet manager)
"Er, got me there!" (Gonzo)
.  "Now I want this information and don't you dare tell me 'I don't know'!!!" (Covnet manager)
"Er... I know not?" (Gonzo)
.  "I really need that information that's hidden in your brain. I'm afraid we are going to have to pluck it from your head." (Covnet manager)
"The information?" (Gonzo)
"No. Your brain." (Covnet manager)
.  "Shall we ask permission from the nice men with the rifles?" (Fuzzy Bear)
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