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Review of Tim Hill's film
   At last, the mysterious origins of Gonzo are revealed in this genuinely fun irreverent fast-paced muppet movie. The story begins as Gonzo is contacted by extra-terrestrials through his bowl of cereals. He is then struck by lightning and thus meets two 'cosmic fishes' who claim that his family is looking for him. However, a secret government agency has intercepted the message and kidnaps him, but little do they know that the muppets never leave one of theirs behind.
   Gags of all kinds constantly succeed one another. The music is excellent and really funky. The animation is as flawless and magical as usual when the Henson company is involved. This film adopts a more modern approach but still remains faithful to the traditional spirit of the muppets and Jim Henson would have been proud of it. Often satirical but never cynical, this is an accomplished spoof of the science-fiction culture.
   The muppets have enjoyed an unusual longevity and popularity. This is probably because they appeal to the child dormant in everyone, who cannot resist the charm of watching in wonder and amazement puppets coming to life, and when it comes to puppet animation, Henson and Oz are undeniably the best animators there ever were. They infuse with their characteristic magic touch so much life and passion into their creation that the viewer is compelled to forget their artificial nature and observes them move, talk, sing and dance in awe.
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