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My Cousin Vinny

Various info about the film
.  Marisa Tomei was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Female for her performance in My Cousin Vinny. She is also famous for starring next to Christian Slater in the bitter-sweet dramatic romance Untamed Heart, which won MTV's best kiss award in 1993. She also starred in Only you. A pretty good comedy full of twists, which gently ridicules the people who tend to over-romance life and let their hearts lead them to absolutely foolish aberrant behaviours while trying to give back to the disilusioned cynical ones faith in love again.
.  Joe Pesci is mostly famous for his acting parts as violent characters in gangster films such as Casino and Goodfellas.
.  Fred Gwynne, who plays the judge, is Herman, head of the Munster family from the original Munsters TV show.
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