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My Cousin Vinny

Review of Jonathan Lynn's film
   This is an exuberant comedy which mainly plays on the stereotypes of US rural Southerners and urban Northerners while slightly ridiculing courtroom dramas. This light-hearted, absurd and hilarious story also seems to question the seriousness of justice for it is mainly shown as a display of linguistic tricks and jokes by both attorneys.
   The story begins as two college youths, Bill and his friend, driving across Alabama, decide to stop at a grocery store. Once back on the road, Bill realises that he accidentally forgot to pay for a can of tuna but swiftly dismisses the incident until he spots a police car following them. They then get arrested and treated with an exaggerated severity which they cannot explain considering the trivial nature of their offence. Intimidated, they confess, not knowing that they are actually accused of something far more serious than they think. Luckily, there is a lawyer in the Gambino's family, Bill's cousin Vinny...
   Comical misunderstandings, incredible situations, widely amusing dialogues, surprising chain of events and cultural jokes are fast-paced and provide the viewer constant and pure fun. My Cousin Vinny is a greatly entertaining and enjoyable film.
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