links o/s stands for "official site", f/s for "fan site"
All links are in alphabetical order (by artists/titles' names).
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Graphic Artists
banner Eissman (Anke)'s gallery, very gifted Tolkien illustrator, her work is very fine and impressive!
banner Ephemeral's mesmerising gothic art, a Kaori Yuki fan too!
banner Glass Shard's personal work and his stunning fanarts for FF7/Vagrant Story
banner Joan's artworks, and many many many gorgeous Kuja fanarts!
banner Maeva's personal work, and many beautiful fanarts of Sephy and Kuja
banner Silvestris's personal work, and many beautiful Zelda fanarts
Professional artists
banner Amano (Yoshitaka)'s o/s, renowned illustrator who brought his immense talent to Final Fantasy
banner Baginski (Tomek)'s o/s for his magnificent short film "The Cathedral" (at Imagina 2003)
banner Howe (John)'s o/s, painted many strikingly beautiful Tolkien illustrations
banner Lee (Alan)'s gallery of his ethereal watercolour paintings on a huge Tolkien f/s
banner O'Barr (James)'s o/s, creator of the poignant graphic novel The Crow
banner Rodney Matthews's o/s, a highly inventive and talented sci-fi/fantasy illustrator
banner Van Gogh (Vincent)'s entire wonderful collection on this huge site.
banner Yuki (Kaori), great f/s offering English translation scripts of mangas, including Angel Sanctuary
banner Yuki (Kaori), great French f/s for Angel Sanctuary, patiently corrects all mistakes in translation
banner Yuki (Kaori), nice French f/s for her superb manga series Angel Sanctuary, music, images...
Graphic artists
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