links o/s stands for "official site", f/s for "fan site"
All links are in alphabetical order (by artists/titles' names).
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banner Burton (Tim)'s great f/s, director of Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare before Christmas...
banner Ghibli studio's o/s, it seems to have a lot of info, but strictly in Japanese
banner Ghibli studio's excellent f/s, with info on all Miyazaki's work (Mononoke Hime, Chihiro...)
banner Wenders (Wim)'s o/s, prolific director of exceptional Wings of Desire.
banner Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts's great f/s, games solutions, images, infos, nice design
banner Final Fantasy's excellent French f/s, has everything: wonderful fanarts, images, walkthroughs
banner Final Fantasy's great f/s, complete games solutions, images, scripts, lots of infos
banner RPG nice f/s, info and games coverage, fan sections
banner Square Enix's o/s, links to all their games's o/s (Final Fantasy etc)
banner Square great f/s, info, images, complete helps/walkthroughs (FF, Vagrant Story...)
banner Square great f/s, info, media, fan sections and games coverage (FF, Bouncer etc.)
banner Vagrant Story's Sydney great f/s, superb design, lots of info, fanarts, images
banner Vagrant Story's great f/s, the entire English script, beautiful Winamp skins, fanfiction
banner Zelda excellent f/s, everything on all Zelda, lots images, walkthroughs, infos, fanarts
banner Zelda great French f/s, everything on all Zelda, screenshots walkthroughs, infos, fanarts
banner Poe (Edgar Allan)'s great site, where you can read most of his work.
banner Shelley (Mary)'s great site, with some info and the entire novel Frankenstein annotated.
banner Tolkien (JR)'s o/s on all his unforgettable work, plus official illustrations.
banner Smashing Pumpkins's great f/s, with complete discography, tablatures, photos etc.
banner Amos (Tori)'s o/s, composer, singer, piano player, only features her last album.
banner Amos (Tori): great f/s, with images and info about the artist.
banner Amos (Tori): great f/s, with tons of images of the artist.
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