Waiting for Frodo The Lord of the Rings
Part I. The Fellowship of the Ring

A Guide to Tolkien's Novel
Compiled from the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and its appendixes.
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Aragorn Fredegar (Fatty) Bolger Radagast the Brown Dúnedain Balrogs Athelas Barad-dûr
Arathorn Finrod Felagund Sam Dwarves Goblins Glamdring Bree
Arwen Andómiel Frodo Baggins Saruman the White Edain Orcs Ithildin Buckland
Beren Gaffer Gamgee Sauron Eldar Trolls Lembas Dagorlad
Bilbo Baggins Galadriel Sméagol Elves Wargs Mithril Eregion
Bill Ferny Gandalf the Grey Strider Halflings   Morgul-knife Gondor
Boromir Gil-Galad Tom Bombadil Hobbits   Narsil Great River
Butterbur Barliman Gimli Underhill Istari   Nenya Isengard
Celeborn Glóin   Men   One Ring Khazad-dûm
Celebrían Glorfindel   Nagûls   Rings (Great) Lothlórien
Celebrimbor Gollum   Númenoreans   Sting Mirkwood
Círdan Isildur   Periannath     Misty Mountains
Curunír Legolas   Ringwraiths     Mordor
Deágol Lobelia   Wise     Moria
Eärendil Lúthien Tinúviel   Wizards     Mount Doom
Elendil Maggot         Númenor
Elrond Merry         Old Forest
Elwing Mithrandir         Orodruin
Estel Otho Sackville-Bagginses         Prancing Poney
Evenstar Pippin         Rivendell
Anke Katrin Eissmann's superb illustrations copyrighted by their author.
For more of her work, go to: Elfwood Fantasy Art

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