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Part I. The Fellowship of the Ring

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.Hobbiton .Bree .Many Meetings .Caradhras .Edge .Great River
Bilbo's Travel Song The Inn Song Elvish Song   Elvish Song for Nimrodel  
Bilbo's Adventure Song Aragorn's rune Boromir's Dream      
.to Buckland .to Weathertop .Council of Elrond .Mines of Moria .Cerin Amroth .Tol Brandir
Elven Song Gil-galad Eärendil's Song Elvish Riddle    
Bath Song Tinúviel   Dwarf Song for Durin    
Adventure Song       .Caras Galadhon  
        Frodo's Lament  
.Old Forest .Wounded, Fleeing .Farewells      
Frodo's Forest Song Sam's Troll Song Bilbo's Winter Song      
Tom's Song   Bilbo's Farewell Song   .Galadriel's Mirror  
Tom's Welcome Song       Galadriel's Farewell Song  
Frodo's Goldberry Poem          
the Barrow-wight Song          
the Help Song       .Farewell  
Tom's Barrow-wight Song       Galadriel's song for Lórien  
Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith and John Howe's wonderful illustrations copyrighted by their authors.

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