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A Guide to Tolkien's Novel
Compiled from the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and its appendixes.
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Bard Gandalf the Grey Dwarves Dragons Arkenstone Bag-End
Beorn Gloin Elves Eagles Cram Dale
Bifur Gollum Hobbits Goblins Glamdring Esgaroth
Bilbo Baggins Kili Longbeards Orcs Mithril Gondolin
Bofur Master Men Ravens Moon-letters Gundabad
Bolg Necromancer Wizards Stone-giants Orcrist Hobbiton
Bombur Oin   Thrushes Ring Lone-lands
Dain Ori   Trolls Sting Lonely Mountain
Dori Radagast the Brown     Wargs Mirkwood
Durin Sackville-Bagginses       Moria
Dwalin Smaug       Rivendell
Elrond Thorin       Shire
Fili Took        

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