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The Shire Journey There Back again
.Gandalf comes to Hobbiton .Lone-lands .Lonely Mountain .Rivendell (spoilers)
Dwarves's song to tease Bilbo Elves's Welcome Song Dwarves's Song at Beorn's House Elves's Lullaby for the Weary
.The Unexpected Party .Misty Mountains .Smaug .Shire (spoilers)
Dwarves's Song about their Quest Riddles in the Dark Men's Welcome Song Bilbo's Homecoming Poem
  .Edge of the Wild .Unexpected Conflicts (spoilers)  
  Goblins's "Welcome" Song Dwarves's Battle Song  
  Goblins's Nasty Fire Song    
  .The Forest of Mirkwood .The Aftermath (spoilers)  
  Bilbo's Spiders Song Elves's Welcome Back Song  
  Elves's Barrels Song    

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