Angerthas script, an alphabet of Middle-Earth
The Lord of the Rings
Part I. The Fellowship of the Ring

Various Information about Tolkien's Novel
   Tolkien created the entire history and culture of the inhabitants of Middle-Earth: he made up poems, songs, superstitions, traditions, folk tales and even languages with their alphabets, as well as indications on their pronunciations. The creation of Middle-Earth is the work of a lifetime. Tolkien on its own gave birth to an entire world both dreamlike and completely believable.
   In the left-hand margins on the pages dedicated to this novel on my site, you will find:

. in the 'review' and 'info' pages: examples from the various scripts created by Tolkien for the different people he imagined.

. in the 'guide' section: Tolkien's maps of Middle-Earth, as well as beautiful watercolour paintings by illustrator Anke Katrin Eissmann.

. in the 'quotes' section: all of Tolkien's poems and songs from the novel, as well as paintings by his official illustrators, Alan Lee and John Howe.
   If you are interested to know more about the influence of mythologies on Tolkien's work, you may want to read David Day's fascinating study intitled Tolkien's Ring.
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