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I. The menu located on the right enables fast access to any site section wherever you are.
To know where you currently are, look at the top of the menu.
The icon and sub-menu of the section where you are will always be placed above the others.
Also, each section has its own distinctive painted background.
I - Site sections:
drawingsA - My drawings:
My online portfolio
B - My reviews:
films1. Films videogames2. Videogames literature3. Literature music4. Music
  2a. for Playstation 1 & 2 3a. mangas, comics  
  and my Yoshitaka Amano shrine flight to fantasy and my Angel Sanctuary shrine celestial requiem  
  2b. for Nintendo 64 3b. novels, poems  
mailC - Site FAQ and webmistress:
1. webmistress profile
1a. my CV
1b. my guestbook
1c. my site FAQ and e-mail
linksD - Links:
1. Graphic artists 2. Friends 3. Site sources 4. More links 5. Link me
1a. personal/fanartists   3a. films 4a. films 5a. my banners
1b. professional artists   3b. videogames 4b. videogames 5b. my buttons
    3c. literature 4c. literature  
    3d. music 4d. music  
    3e. webmastering    
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