the band
the band
Skunk Anansie

Quotes from the songs
.  "They're selling Jesus again/ They want your soul and your money your blood and your vote" (Selling Jesus)
.  "Pain is your beauty/ It hurts the vision in your eyes/ Your eyes are smiling now/ They watch me cry, they watch me die/ I can dream, I can dream/ I can dream that I'm someone else/ I can love, I can love" (I can dream)
.  "You rope them in young/ So small, so innocent, so young/ So delicately done, grown up in your poison" (Little Baby Swastikkka)
.  "You tried to drag me in again/ Spinning your lies and suffering/ Took all your thoughts and turned them sane/ (So) you could believe you're not to blame" (All in the name of pity)
.  "Why does your world keep burying/ Gorging much deeper, than it's ever been/ rubbing still harder, salt on my hurt/ Licking my burns while I grovel in your dirt" (Charity)
.  "And here I stand, red-skinned fist of power/ clawing at the strains of racism/ It turns to black, cos you're so very credible/ But you keep losing track/ 'Cos you don't see, my colour in your melting-point of love/ where everybody's brown/ So here I stand, knee deep in your soiled heritage" (And here I stand)
.  "Softly I spoke softly I'm dying/ Crushed by your power, by my willingless to bleed/ I know 100 ways to be a good girl/ 100 ways, my willingness to please" (100 ways to be a good girl)
.  "I'm watching all the/ world crawl back again/ watching how it blows/ itself away" (All I want)
.  "I can't weep, only cry/ I can move I deny/ [...] Evil eyes I can't sleep/ For her lies she's calling/ She's crawling" (She's my heroine)
.  "Your secret smile so quaint/ In memories fortold/ Laughing so viciously,/ Your conscience has been sold/ [...] Cracked infidelity, is all you/ Are to me." (Hedonism)
.  "I cried on my blood day. There was nothing I could hold down to. Just a line could have/ helped. Remind me of you. [...] Every day hurts a little more. And I'll do anything, yes I'll do anything. To belong to be/ strong. To say there's nothing wrong. Cos every day hurts" (Twisted)
.  "I am the god of power political to the core governments/ roll their heads out the beast always want some more I love it, he loves it we love your/ apathy we crush your, lame spirit we love your apathy love-er-ly I have the information / (that) keeps you from knowing me/ I abuse you, as you watch me and you always vote me in the poorer you are the better/ That gives me more control" (We love your apathy)
.  "I [...] watched you silently/ and publicly disgraced I didn't notice when you strenghted like a vice that you/ were trembling and burned beneath the ice/ why don't you weep, when I hurt you why don't you weep when I cut you you don't/ bleed, and the anger builds up inside" (Brazen)
.  "I saw a weird boy he looked at me with/ a look of pure hate nobody knew all the grief where he'd been [...] Soon enough, he's picking on me kicked my head in 'cos/ that's all that he'd seen" (Pickin' on me)
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