Tori Amos live
Tori Amos
scanned from 'Little earthquakes' booklet
Tori Amos

About the artist
   Tori Amos is an incredibly gifted pianist, singer and composer. She is my favourite music artist, for she is absolutely amazing. Her lyrics borrow from the literary tradition of surrealist poetry; the words are chosen and linked in a certain way, not in order to create meaning but to provoke a profound emotional response. It is a very efficient way to address the listeners' raw emotions and not their logic. Her playing is extraordinarily skilled and moving. Thus, each song is either infused with passion, pain and a deep heart-wrenching longing for love. The main themes are those of death, religion, emotional frustration, sexuality, affliction, loneliness and violence.
   She gave a concert in New York in 1997 to raise funds for a campaign for RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, a non-profit organisation who offers support and counselling to survivors of sexual assault. The video is available on sale and truly worth acquiring, as she is truly amazing in it. Maynard James Keenan, the singer from the metal band Tool also made a guest appearance. Her (autobiographical?) song "Me and a Gun" recounts the physical and psychological ordeal of a rape victim.
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