Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman

About the artist
   With her deep beautiful voice and accoustic guitar playing, Tracy Chapman is not only an amazingly talented composer and performer, but she also tackles important political and social issues such as domestic violence, racism, painful modern relationships, war, pollution and materialism with wisdom, intelligence and compassion. Moving, thought-provoking, unforgettable, her first album deservedly won four Grammy Awards. Tracy does not shield from the harsh realities of life, with its bitterness and violence, but she recommends love and courage against all oppression, ignorance and hatred. She sings about all that is truly important in this world, about all the problems which have to be resolved and which most artists avoid.
   Politically involved, she has participated in many concerts for charity such as Amnesty International Humans' Rights Tour and Freedomfest (in honour of Nelson Mandela). Also, all the lyrics of both albums are written in the sleeve in English, French, Spanish and German, which is quite considerate and shows her commitment to spread her sensible words of understanding and her thirst for justice for all.
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