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Tracy Chapman
scanned from 'Crossroads' album cover
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman
scanned from 'A new beginning' album booklet
  Tracy Chapman
  Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman

Quotes from the songs
.  "I was blinded by devotion/ My unwatering love for you/ So blinded that I thought your lies were true/ But now I know for certain since you've gone away/ It was just a smoldering fire I mistook for a blaze." (Smoke and Ashes)
.  "You say it's only smoke and ashes baby/ I'm crying all the time/ salty stinging tears and mourning for the past carbon-dated years/ But knowing now for certain that you were always right/ Because if a breeze could blow you out of my life it's only smoke and ashes baby" (Smoke and Ashes)
.  "I'd climb a mountain if I had to /And risk my life so I could have you /Everyday I'm psychoanalysed /For my lover for my lover /Is this love worth /The sacrifices I make" (For my Lover)
.  "You can look to the stars in search for the answers/ Look for God or life on distant planets/ Have your faith in the ever after/ While each of us holds inside the map to the labyrinth/ And Heaven's here on earth/ We are the spirit/ The collective conscience/ We create the pain and the suffering/ And the beauty in this world/ Heaven's here on earth/ In our faith in humankind/ In our respect for what is earthly/ In our unfaltering belief in peace, love and understanding." (Heaven's here on earth)
.  "Poor people gonna rise up /And get their share /Poor people gonna rise up /And take what's theirs" (Talkin' Bout a Revolution)
.  "You got a fast car /And I got a job that pay all our bills /You stay out drinking late at the bar / See more of your friends than you do of your kids /I'd always hoped for better" (Fast Car)
.  "Newspapers print the story /And racist tempers fly /Next day it starts a riot / Lots of people hurt and angry" (Across the Line)
.  "Last night I heard the screaming /Then a silence chilled my soul /I prayed that I was dreaming /When I saw the ambulance on the road" (Behind the Wall)
.  "Sorry /Is all that you can't say / I love you /Is all that you can't say" (Baby can I Hold You)
.  "Renounce all those material things you gained by /Exploiting other human beings" (Mountains o' Things)
.  "Why not leave why not /Go away /Too much hatred /Corruption and greed / Give your life /And invariably they leave you with /Nothing" (She's got her Ticket)
.  "Why do babies starve /When there's enough food to feed the world /Why when there's so many of us /Are there people still alone" (Why)
.  "Now love's the only thing that's free /We must take it where it's found /Pretty soon it may be costly" (If Not Now)
.  "There's no words to say /No words to convey /This feeling inside I have for you /Deep in my heart" (For You)
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