Beyond good and evil
Beyond good and evil
Beyond good and evil
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.    Ubisoft, the developers and publishers of Beyond Good and Evil, won many awards at Imagina this year, for BGE and also XIII, a game adapted from a famous French comics.
.    Beyond Good and Evil is a novel by Nietzsche, gathering several of his writings in an attempt to sum up his philosophy, mainly enticing peeople to look deeper into things and gain insights on philosophers who are trying to tell them how to think. (source)

Michel Ancel thus explains his title choice:
"The original title I gave the game was Between Good & Evil (see my first logo included) - which the marketing department didnít like back then. For me, the meaning of this title is that you are always in the middle of an internal and external conflict, based on our conception of good and evil. In this game and in our world, propaganda thinks in our place; tells us these are our enemies and these are our friends. When you go beyond the appearances, you discover your own truth. Thatís the theme of the game and marketing finally accepted this title, and just replaced the between by beyond, which fits better with the vast universe and story."
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