Beyond good and evil
Beyond good and evil
Beyond good and evil
Beyond good and evil
Beyond good and evil
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   The player enters the game as Jade, a reporter. Raised by her uncle Pey'j, she lives on a small island. She looks after children, orphans like herself, whom she tries to protect from the war which is tearing her planet apart. One day, she is contacted by a mysterious character, who hires her for a dangerous mission. She is to infiltrate a governmental facility and take photos of any suspicious activities. It turns out she has been contacted by the Isis network, an organisation trying to prove that the army (the Alpha sections) is harming the citizens. It is up to Jade to find and reveal the truth about the war.
   Beyond Good and Evil is beautiful beyond words! Featuring many lavish sceneries, wonderful lighting and numerous species, be it vegetals, animals or humans, the world of BGE is very detailed and varied. And that's no surprise when you realise that its conceptor is also the man behind the also visually magnificent Rayman series. The similarity stops there though, as BGE is not an action platform, but an adventure game like you have never played before. The game play skilfully intertwines elements from various genres, such as infiltration, racing, photographs taking, exploration, pearl hunting, fighting and mystery solving. BGE even features some absolutely amazing action-film like sequences when Jade is chased across the city, except that you are IN the film, moving her about! The player can never get bored with BGE, because it is sheer diversity. The final fight is also quite unsettling.
   BGE deserves its place amongst the greatest adventures games such as Zelda Ocarina/Majora, Ico and Dark Chronicles. One of the best thing is the ability to really act as Jade's real job: a photographer. She can take photos of all animal species of the planet, and send them to a lab, in order to preserve them. She can also enter racing competitions with her hovercraft, or chase looters across their caves and play mini-games in the bar. The main idea of the game is to think of other ways to solve a problem than by resorting to violence. Thus, Jade will tend to infiltrate quietly the facilites rather than just shooting all blindly. Her only weapons are mostly defensive: a dai-jo staff and a small disk-launcher. The conceptor stated in an interview that the aim was to create a realistic woman character, who would rather think than blast everything to smithereens.
   Some argue that BGE is too short. It takes about 15 hours to finish it, and that's without completing the animal photograph quest and pearls collecting. Anyway, think of it as a fine dish. It is better to have a little of something brilliant than lots of something boring and repetitive! The players do so many things in those few hours it feels like they have lived something huge, a great and unique adventure.
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