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Chocobo  Recurring name 'Cid' in all Final Fantasy worlds, is here the name of a scientist working in the Magitek Research Facility. 'Biggs' and 'Wedge', also often recurring in the FF games, are the names of the two Imperial soldiers accompanying Terra at the beginning of the game. Actually those names are a hommage to 1977 'Star Wars, A new hope' as they are characters from the film. Both are pilots of the Alliance. Biggs is Luke's childhood friend and Wedge is one of the few survivors of the rebel attack on the Death star. He also briefly appears on the second death star's rebel attack in 'Return of the Jedi'.
Chocobo  A few important tips about the game:

   Locke surprised  Do yourself a favour and buy three 'sprint shoes' in a relic shop as soon as you get a chance! They allow the characters to move about much quicker. Without them, they walk at an unbearably slow pace. Only one character in a team need to be equipped with them for the whole team to gain walking speed, but very often, the characters are split into different groups, so having three pairs is a way to ensure all of them can move quickly.

   Celes  FF VI allows the player to 'quick-save' the game. It only takes a second and stores the data in the memory without taking a memory card's slot, so it allows frequent almost instananeous safety save. Keep in mind though that data stored in that way will be erased if the console is switched off or reseted. Soft reset with the joypad will not destroy quick-saved data.

   mog  There are two hidden characters in the game, which can only be obtained in the World of Ruin. First, the Yeti, Umaro, who can be found in the mines north of Narshe. He will only join you if Mog is in your party, so be sure to go and meet him first. Mog is the last one remaining in the mines on the left of the town after the destruction of the World of Balance. Check the wall behind him to get his 'Mog charm' relic, a priceless item which cancels all random fights! Then, there is Gogo, a mysterious being who lives in the caves on the northenest island. The team must be swallowed by a local monster in order to get access to the place where he dwells.

   Sabin laughing  Sabin's blitz techniques are very useful as they are very powerful, can hit several targets, and do not consume any MPs. As his experience increases, he will also learn stronger ones, including 'aura ray', 'mantra' (healing) and the mighty 'bum rush' attack. Edgar's various bows are also very useful for the same reasons as Sabin's. The 'noise blaster' can confuse ennemies, which is a very much appreciated help in a fight with more than one opponent. A confused enemy will not regain sanity unless he suffers a physical attack, so only use magic attacks or concentrate physical attacks on one enemy only. Both characters can end a random fight with just one single such command in the World of Balance, so they are particularly useful to cross quickly places where enemies encountered are frequent.

   Terra sad  Terra's 'morph' ability is of little use in the World of Balance for it is very brief, but it gains in both strength and length with the number of battles she fight. Celes's 'runing' ability is a priceless defense in tough fights with opponent using strong magic. She will absorb most magic spells, thus protecting everyone, and she will transform them into MPs without receiving any harm herself.

   Kefka  After Kefka attacks Narshe, you must send a team southwards. It is advisable to send four characters, as there will be no further imperial attacks on Narshe, but there is a long walk ahead to Jidoor and frequent tough fights in Zozo. Just thought I should warn people as I only sent two, expecting another attack on Narshe and spent ages struggling wearily in Zozo.

   Edgar  A brilliant 'weapon' is the 'healing rod'. Equip either Relm or Strago with it, give them a 'haste ring' relic, and each time you will hit one of your characters with it, they will recuperate a lot of HP! Thus you will be able to have very fast and strong healing, which consumes no MPs.

   Cyan  During the battle against the 'Magic master' on top of Kefka's Fanatics' Tower, make absolutely sure to cast 'life 3' (automatically resurrects the character if he dies) on your team, as this boss's last attack will be 'Ultima' and will definitely wipe out your entire party! And it is a LONG fastidious way up the tower. 'Life 3' can only be learned from the Esper 'Phoenix', to be found in the cave above Tzen, which can only be reached by plane.
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