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.    There are two hidden characters in the game. First, Vincent, who lives in Nibelheim's mansion. In order to find him, you must decipher the clues written on a paper which is on the floor on your right as soon as you enter. Friendly warning, save your game before entering the mansion! Then, Yuffie, who can be found in any forest, just defeat her (very easy) and then give her the right answers (trickier but don't worry if you get it wrong, just hang around and she will come back) and she will join you.
.    Only by breeding the Gold chocobo can you reach certain areas of FFVII's world. The only way to breed one is (slowly but really really slowly!) revealed by the Chocobo Sage, who lives in an isolated house on the Northern continent.
.    Be careful as the way you choose to behave influences the other characters' perceptions and feelings towards your character. It is possible to aleniate some of your potential allies if your conduct is too selfish, morally questionable or inconsiderate.
.    There are hundreds of great Internet sites dedicated to this game that you should go and check out after you have finished it to catch up on all the hidden things you may have missed out. All is also revealed in the very well-made book Official guide to FF7.
.    There are many rumours that the character who dies in the game can be brought back to life somehow. A lot of talk has been generated on the topic and the most widely-held belief is that it is not possible.
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