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Holy  "Citizens, unite! Come to the light, Mako energy. Power is truth. Shinra is the future. Real happiness can be found in obedience to the company."
(Shinra ad on a TV screen in the slums of Midgar)
Holy  "The 'peace preservation' force will defeat the enemy." (Heidegger)
Holy  "We may be retreating but we're still victorious." (Reno)
Holy  "Don't misunderstand. Those who sacrifice themselves for their jobs aren't pros ... just fools." (Reno)
Holy  "A little fear will control the mind of the common people. There's no need to waste good money on them." (Rufus)
Holy  "You are to be executed for causing this situation. People are ignorant. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished." (Rufus)
Holy  "We will be broadcasting your miserable deaths live on national television. With the chaos resulting from the meteor reports, we desperately need to rally public support... it's better that we punish somebody... anybody." (Scarlet)
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