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crystal    Recurring name 'Cid' in all Final Fantasy worlds, is here the name of the King of Lindblum. The name 'Gaia', which in the film designated the earth's soul, the source of all life, or also the 'lifestream' in FFVII, here is the name of FFIX's world.
crystal  A few important tips about the game:

  fairylight  Before leaving Lindblum on disc one, make sure you buy lots of potions as you will have to face some tough fights ahead, especially in Gizamaluke caverns, without any healer in your party! There are two bosses, and Zidane will even have to fight one of them on his own. Also, to save up on precious MP's, make the most of Vivi's stocking ability: if you let him use a few rounds to build up on his magic power, he will end up releasing a much more powerful spell for the same amount of MP as a normal spell. Even if he is knocked out during the fight, his built up power remains until the end of the battle, so you can just revive him and still benefit from his stronger spells.

  fairylight  To get character Quina, go to the Qu's marshes, just north of Lindblum as soon as you leave the town. You will also learn many useful things from the mog who lives there. If you are ever lost in the game, you can go back to any such marshes in the world and the mog will tell you where you are meant to go next. You can also catch frogs in all the marshes, which is worth doing for two reasons: you get a great gift every eleven frogs caught or so, and the more frogs she caught, the more powerful Quina's 'frog' blue magic spell will be. You will have to swallow a marsh lizard to get that spell in the first place.

  fairylight  Further right off the first Qu's marshes, after a bridge, you will find a chocobo forest (noticeable by their round shape), where you can play a mini game and learn how to get a chocobo.

  fairylight  There is a secret boss hidden in Alexandria's library! You can find it after Eiko falls to the summoning, when your party enters the castle. Turn left into the library, go to the further range of bookshelves and press X when you get the ! and someone will ask you if you want to fight or not. If you say yes twice, a book will fly off the shelf and attack you. It is very powerful so it is strongly advised to save before attacking it (remember the saving point upstairs where Eiko wrote her letter earlier on), not to mention there will be no healers in your party at that point in the game. Each time you hit it, it opens at a random page, usually empty. But after a while, it will open at the right page and reveal a creature. However, I tried to come back later to defeat it as my team was then too weak, but then you cannot enter the castle anymore after this scene.

  fairylight  Make all your characters learn the auto-regenerate ability as soon as you get an item that allows you to. It is almost essential that all your party members know it towards the end of the game as you cannot often afford to waste rounds on healing everyone all the time anymore, not to mention there are places where magic cannot be used, that Garnet often fails spells when she is not focused, and that it is best to keep MPs for summoning. The first item I found with the auto-regen ability was the accessory given by Beate to Garnet if she successfully gives all her orders during Bahamut's attack of Alexandria (so it's worth retrying if you failed first).

  fairylight  Feeling lazy? You can fly on auto-pilot. Just click on the point of the world map you wish to go to, and the flying ship will go there automatically.

  fairylight  Sometimes on the world map you will encounter friendly monsters. They will not attack you, but request some gems of you. The music will be different from the usual battle song and they will not harm you. It is a good idea to give them what they ask, as they will repay the favour generously...

  fairylight  Need cash? Fight the fairly easy monster in Treno weapon shop and gain 15000 gils. Then you may proceed to the auction and get one or two valuable items, including a gem containing Odin's summon.

  fairylight  In the last castle, the world of memories, make sure to steal from all the four guardians, Kuja's little pet monster, and Kuja himself, as you will thus get very powerful weapons and accessories, allowing you to learn important abilities. In general, it is a good idea to steal from every bosses throughout the whole game.

  fairylight  If you find you cannot revive your fallen characters during the last boss's battle, it is simply because one of his attack not only causes great physical damage on your entire party but also casts 'zombie' (as well as poison, stone, stop, blindless and fury!) spell on them. And any healing items used on the undead will harm them, while 'life' will instantly kill them, so make sure to buy lots of medecine against all abnormal status, especially zombie and fury as there is no ability that can protect characters from these two status, before going to the last bosses's castle. Heal any character touched by 'zombie' straight away if they are on auto-regen or they will quickly die. If they do, heal them first before reviving them or you will not be able to. A character touched by 'zombie' will change colour and turn red-brown. You will know they were successfully healed when their colour returns to normal.
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