F Zero X
Various information about the game
.  Many people give up on this game because they do not manage to control the ship. So here are the tricks to tame the machines. First of all, start with a not too light ship with an A grip, it means it won't slide too much and consequently will be easier to manoeuver, not to mention that sliding is THE thing to avoid. It makes you lose a lot of time and control is sometimes hard to regain. So always keep in mind that unlike most racing games, this one requires long, continuous and gentle moves. Violent movements in any direction at the last minute, will only make the machine slide uncontrollably. The trick is to anticipate the bends: start turning way before a curve in a slow long move. If there is no time for that or your speed is insanely high, here is when the second trick is needed, namely what can be called the "double-click" attack, the only way to turn the vehicle at speeds over 900km/h without sliding.
.  The "double click attack": move obtained by tapping rapidly twice like a mouse double-click on Z + go left or R + go right. Originally meant to destroy other ships, this move is much better used as a means to avoid crashing in tight corners and bends. If successful, a red outline will appear around the vehicle, which will brutally jumps on one side or the other. It is kind of tricky to master at first though it differs from players to players but once it is acquired, it makes the game much easier. It is essential to negotiate sharp turns while maintaining control over your vehicle at the highest silliest speed. Plus it is great because it makes slowing down and breaking completely redundant so you never ever need to lose speed, not to mention that turning or breaking the "conventional" (by pressing only once continuously on Z + left or R + right) way often makes the vehicle slides uncontrollably! It is also possible to destroy other machines that way, but then you lose speed and time, plus it is foul play, while it is much more fun to race full blast a clean perfect lap but then you are free to disagree with that!
.  When the machine is flying off a jump, it is possible to control it in the air. By pulling the stick slightly forward, the nose of the machine is lowered, so the speed increases dramatically and is retained upon landing (unless the ship hits the surface at an acute angle so best used when the landing is a downward slope). By pulling it backward, the flying distance is longer but the speed is lowered (interesting when the landing is an upward slope or when it is needed to avoid a portion of track and land further).
.  Finally, look at the images on the left side. The rectangular pink and white bar is a "jump plate". They are usually good to take, for they make you fly for a while, but be very weary of them in the King track accurately called "Jumps of Doom". On the two following images are two items to avoid as they will slow down your vehicle and make it slide: the grey-brown area (dart area) and the yellow object (trap mine). The pink area on the following image is a must item, the energy refill zone. Energy allows you to boost (boosting is not allowed on the first lap) but also feeds the shield around your vehicle so be very cautious as when the energy is empty, the ship will explode so boosting is a double-edged sword. The large yellow arrow is a boost, driving over it will greatly increase your speed, without decreasing your energy.
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