F Zero X
Various information about the game
   Simply my favourite racing game! If you love mad speed and lots of absolutely insane futuristic colourful tracks, featuring jumps, sommersaults, mines, ice and tunnels, as well as blasting metal rock music, this is the best racing game you could dream of. Fastest ever seen, definitely fun, F-Zero X is never boring nor overly difficult though. But the best thing about it is probably this incredibly unintelligible and grave voice which always is there to state the obvious, with priceless pieces of ground-breaking news such as: "You've lost your machine!", just in case you did not see your ship spectacularly explode or fly off the edge somehow! The overly body-built, muscles-about-to-explode racers are quite funny too.
   There are three levels of difficulty to start with (novice, standard and expert) which provide the players with increasing challenge to follow their own progress. Then there are also three different cups, or sets of six tracks each: jack (easy), queen (intermediate) and king (difficult). Each time a new set of tracks is completed, the player wins a cup and more ships are available to choose from. There are 30 ships in total to obtain. Also, along the way a whole new set of tracks, the joker cup is to be accessed, as well as the random X tracks. When all tracks are completed in expert, an end page appears with two bikini-clad women (no comment), but more importantly, the fourth hidden level of difficulty setting (master) appears and the design on the first page changes. In order to win a cup, the player must arrive first in the total ranking. You gain little for finishing the game in master again (only the return of the aforementioned bikini-clad women page and a new first page design) apart from the satisfaction to have finally suceeded in what first seemed impossible.
   Ok, so you thought novice and standard were too easy and that Jack and Queen tracks were piece of cake. Well, try King and Joker on expert and you will probably think at first: "no way! now they must be joking, this is no track, this is a war zone!": ice on the tracks, unbelievably sharp bends, stupidly narrow tracks, no safety edges, treacherous jumps that lead you straight to instant death, frequent spectacular dives with your machine simply falling off the road into fatal depths if your speed is too high, blood-thirsty fellow racers who constantly crash into your vehicle... but soon you'll get used to the tracks, and if that is still not enough of a challenge, there is the master setting, for those racers who think, "hell, what's the point in living anyway?".
   There are also many different options to choose from. First, there is the GP race mode, a competition race to win cups. Secondly, there is the versus mode, which allows up to four players to race against one another on any set of tracks. Do not worry if your friends are much better racers than you are, because players who had to retire early from the race are given the opportunity to play a slot game which will affect the others. Third, there is the time attack mode, a very good idea, for it lets you race against a 'ghost' of yourself (or your friends) to beat your best times on any track. Finally, there is the death mode, for those with a fairly aggressive playing instinct.
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